The RB Trilogy
This is a story within a story--characters so real that you can identify with them, even the bad ones!
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Ahoy Me Matey....
Like to read about us, eh? Then lay yerself down on yer bunk an' feast yer eyes on this story.  Brings a tear to me eye for a-want' the good ol' days back agin.  (Tell a soul 'bout that tear an' ye might be finid' a hole in yer gullet!)
Pirates, swordfighting, battles on the high seas.....

C.C. Colee will leave you just can't stop turning the pages.

Follow Aubrey's adventures as she was thrown into the frightening world of pirates.  It will leave you laughin, crying, and just simply jaw-dropping surprised.
Book 3
RB: The Game
Book 1
RB: The Widow Maker
Book 2
RB: The Enchantress
The adventure began with RB: The Widow Maker and the adventure continued with RB: The Enchantress. Now the adventure heats up in this third book of the RB Trilogy as Aubrey Malone once again finds herself on board a pirate ship under the command of Captain Rene Black. Yet this time, she is not the same timid young woman he had faced before. Now, she is among friends and, like those on board the Enchantress, has one main concern — finding  Captain Mala.

Taunted by the words left in Alexander’s note, “How are you in the hunt, my  good pirate captain? When you find me, should you find me, Captain, you will find her”, Black has no choice but to play this game of hide and seek — and by Alexander’s rules. Assuming command of the
Enchantress and her crew, Black begins his search for Mala.  With   one   disappointment  after  another will Black finally tire and give up the search? Or will some battle at sea cease all hope of ever finding the true captain of the Enchantress?
Rescued by a band of pirates from a ship called the Enchantress, Aubrey Malone found friends among the crew in this the second book of the RB Trilogy. Yet there was one person on the ship that she feared — Captain Mala, whose personal  vendetta against the British for a wrong done some two years previous becomes to Aubrey the female epitome of Captain Rene Black.

Although caught in a web where Black seemed to be at the center, Aubrey   began to settle comfortably into this new life with the pirates of the
Enchantress. But fate had other plans for the young Irish woman as Black once again stepped into her  life.   This   time,   however,   Mala   intervened.    Resuming his love affair with Captain Mala, Black happily ignored  Aubrey.  But as she watched the two  lovers reunite,   Aubrey’s heart ached for her own lost love — Jean Luc Pierne.

Then fate dealt another hand….
In this first book of the RB trilogy, Aubrey Malone ran away from her uncle and booked passage on a ship bound for Africa, the one place she was sure no one would ever find her.  Crossing the path of a       pirate ship while in route, Aubrey soon found herself the sole survivor...and the prize of the pirate captain.

Jean Luc was her champion on the pirate ship.  Through storms and fights he       protected her, even so far as to go against his captain.  He could never have known the consequences that would befall him.